Organized The Art Supplies

11 Dec



I really like the look of combining different textures and colors in my doodles and I don’t always do a lot of planning for my pictures, so having access to all of the supplies makes things easier, but also a bit overwhelming. In the past, I have tried a few different things, but none have really worked out the way I needed it to. Either there wasn’t enough space on the surface I was working on, or everything was jumbled, and I couldn’t find what I needed. Other times I would settle and use something else, then find what I should have used in the bottom of a mess of art supplies.

I have finally figured out the perfect way to organize the art supplies. I’m so excited. Not only have I got the best art space I’ve had yet, but I finally found a use for the old coke bottle crate that’s just been hanging on the wall in the garage.

Having all of my art supplies in different ziploc bags crammed in a box has been driving me crazy for years. I like to use different combinations of supplies for my pictures and now I don’t have to worry about digging around to find everything. Also, nothing is rolling off of the table while I’m trying to switch things up.

I was talking to my mom about my dilemma, and she suggested I use this old CocaCola crate. I immediately loved the idea, but the bottom has gaps between the slats and things could easily fall out.

For the very thin items, I used small glass jars that fit perfectly in the cubicles, and for the larger items I cut down solo cups, put them in the cubes, and stood my stuff up in them. You’d never know by looking at it.

I am in artist heaven!

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